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Prof. R.N Dutt

(Managing Director)

Mr. Akshay V. Shetty



WRS is guided by the core agenda of water conservation. That water is so precious to all the plant and animal species but is not realized by the human race in general because the State distorts its real value by not letting the exchange value match the use value.  Almost at no country, citizens pay the true price of water that they get from municipalities due to subsidies. Growing freshwater crisis and the legitimate alarms raised by scientists and the UN on this count demands effective measures. 


We have the technology for such effective measures by recycling – that is why we are WRS – used water. Recycling is commonly misunderstood. Flush used water, when used for gardening, is termed ‘recycling’ but it is merely one time reuse. In true recycling there a closed circuit of water and water keeps circulating in the system – endlessly.  In the circuit is built treatment process to make the water fit for intended use.  This is what we are good at.

Situation. For specific. There are alternative strategies and each strategy is customized to us these are specific cases.  Some cases described hereafter will better explain what can be done and what we do.


We avoid any kind of RCC work which incurs huge cost to make it affordable. Our plant design is such that it can be
placed anywhere (ontheroof top, at the basement, parking, or even on an elevated platform) thus saving lot of space
We plan our system to be more gravity based so atto save much of power consumption and cost for life time We customize strategically every plant as per the need of the particular building or estate and their water quality. All latest Technology and some of our very own developed technology is used for the treatment.


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