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About Us

WRS is guided by the core agenda of water conservation.That water is so precious to all the plant and animal species but is not realized by human race in general because the State distorts its real value by not letting the exchange value match the use value.  Almost at no country, citizens pay the true price of water that they get from municipalities due to subsidies. Growing fresh water crisis and the legitimate alarms raised by scientists and the UN on this count demands effective measures.

Our Popular Servives

Raw Water Treatment for drinking purposes (ponds, open well, bore well etc.).

Grey water and black water/ sewer water can be recycled for reuse in flushing, gardening etc.

All kind of STP - ETP constructions and maintenance.

Grey water (from the kitchen, bath or any other non-sewer water) can be treated till the drinking water level.

Rainwater harvesting and treatment for drinking.

STP, ETP packaged plants.

Raw water treatment for process use for industries.


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